Residents of Canton Cardiff are in for a treat! Toolbox, the local hardware store, is now selling a full range of premium dog food and treats.

Toolbox has always been known for its wide selection of hardware and home improvement supplies, but now they’re branching out into pet supplies. The new line of premium dog food and treats is sure to be a hit with pet owners in the area and includes quality brands such as Lily’s Kitchen,Burns, Chappie, Fortglade and Hills amongst others.

The store’s manager, Andy Higgs, said: “We’re excited to be offering this new line of pet products. We know how important our four-legged friends are to our customers, so we wanted to make sure they have access to the best quality food and treats available.”

The new line of pet products is available now at Toolbox in Canton Cardiff. Stop by today and pick up some premium dog food and treats for your furry friend!